Associate Professor



Dr. Julia Khrebtan-Hörhager is an Associate Professor of Communication, Education Abroad Advisor, and a Director/Leader of Summer Education Abroad programs in Italy. She is holder of two International Communication Association Top Paper Awards, and a number of communication studies Capstone Awards. Her research and teaching interests are in intercultural and international communication, European studies, conflict, international cinematography, and critical media studies. Feminist perspectives on communication and business leadership with a global mindset are further areas of her scholarly focus. She has published in venues such as Communication, Culture, & Critique; Journal of Multicultural Discourses; Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, Women’s Studies in Communication, Journal of Intercultural Communication Research, Journal of Language & Social Psychology, Crossings: Journal of Migration and Culture and Connections: European Studies Annual Review, as well as chapters in a number of edited volumes. Dr. Khrebtan-Hörhager previously taught at the University of Colorado Denver (Department of Communication Studies) and University of Denver (Department of Languages and Literatures: German and Italian).