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    • Associate Professor
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    • Early Modern Hispanic Literatures
    • History of Science
    • History of Medicine
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    • Languages, Literatures and Culture
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    • PhD, Brandeis Univeristy
    • BA, Earlham College
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About my teaching:

Articles in Press:

  • “Queer Cambalaches in El rufián dichoso.” Cervantes’s Theatrical Revelations. Ed. Esther Fernández and Adrienne L. Martín.
  • “The Politics of The Origins of Maize: Spanish Naturalism, World Cuisine, and Epidemic Disease.” The Gastronomical Arts in Spain: Food and Etiquette. Frederick de Armas and James Mandrell.  (Submitted).
  • “Alchemy and Medicine in Early Modern Iberia.” With Miguel López Pérez. Routledge Encyclopedia of the Renaissance World. (Submitted).

Selected Articles and Book Chapters

  • “Drugs, Magic, Coercion, and Consent: From María de Zayas to the ‘World’s Scariest Drug’.” Reconsidering Early Modern Spanish Literature through Mass and Pop Culture: Contemporizing the Classics in the Classroom. Ed. Mindy Badia and Bonnie Gasior. Juan de la Cuesta, 2021. 274-89.
  • “Containment, surveillance and biopower in early modern Spain.” Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies2 (2020): 139-148.
  • “Truth, Only More So: Bances Candamo Beyond the Limits of Embodiment.” Comedia Performance 16 (2019): 1-13.
  • “Gridded Fascinations: Early Modern Drama’s Geometric Synthesis.” Science on Stage in Early Modern Spain. Enrique García Santo Tomás. University of Toronto Press, 2019. 79-99.
  • “Flora’s Fate: Spanish Materia Medica in Manuscript.” Translating Nature: A Cross-Cultural History of Early Modern Science.  Jaime Marroquín and Ralph Bauer.  University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019. 188-202.
  • “Alchemical Sermons in Spain: 1675-1708.” Azogue 8 (2014-2018): 271-305.
  • “Quevedo and Medical Polemic, from the Sueños to the Enlightenment.” Hacia la Modernidad: la creación de un nuevo orden teórico literario entre Barroco y Neoclasicismo (1651-1750). Alain Bègue and Carlos Mata Induráin.  Estudios del Parnaso olvidado 2.  Vigo: Editorial Academia del Hispanismo, 2018.  199-212.
  • John Slater and Maríaluz López-Terrada. “Being beyond: The Black Legend and how we got over it.” History of Science. (2017). DOI 10.1177/0073275317694897

Web Publications

Selected Reviews

  • Folke Gernert. Lecturas del cuerpo. Fisiognomía y literatura en la España áurea. Universidad de Salamanca, 2018. 571 pp. Revista de Estudios Hispánicos. 55. 2 (2021): 482-484. org/10.1353/rvs.2021.0035
  • Fernando Serrano Larráyoz. Graduados en Medicina por la Universidad de Irache (1613–1769). Navarra: Pamiela argitaletxea, 2019. Pp. 384. €22.00 (paperback). ISBN 9788491721253. With Paula Plastić. Hispanic Research Journal 3 (2020): 342-3.
  • Juan Pimentel. Fantasmas de la ciencia española.  Madrid: Marcial Pons Historia/Fundación Jorge Juan, 2020.  418 pp. ISBN 978-84-17945-01-5. Centaurus2 (2021): 436-438.
  • M. Portuondo. The Spanish Disquiet: The Biblical Natural Philosophy of Benito Arias Montano. Chicago and London: The University of Chicago Press, 2019. Reviewed in: Annals of Science. Volume 76 (2019), Issue 3-4: 377-380.
  • Nadeau, Carolyn A. Food Matters: Alonso Quijano’s Diet and the Discourse of Food in Early Modern Spain. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2016. Reviewed in Hispanófila 184 (2019): 181-183.  With Víctor Cervantes.  org/10.1353/hsf.2018.0064