Professor Emertius



Colorado State faculty member since 1996, retired in 2017. Public relations/communications executive at a major national agency, two banks and a statewide trade association in California for 19 years (1973-1991). Taught undergraduate courses in public relations, digital promotion management, social media management, as well as graduate courses in research design, public communication campaigns, public relations management/strategic communications, and managing communication systems. Supervised 25+ masters theses on a broad range of topics using quantitative and qualitative methods. Faculty adviser to PRSSA club until 2014. Recipient of the PRSA Educator of the Year Award in 2010 and awards from the Institute for Public Relations (2001), the PRSA Foundation (2007) and the AEJMC Public Relations Division (2009).

Recipient, Oliver P. Pennock Distinguished Service Award from Colorado State (2015).

Affiliate Faculty Member: Center for Disaster and Risk Analysis; Colorado School of Public Health (graduate MPH program).

Select Recent Publications:

Associate Editor (2018). International encyclopedia of strategic communication. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell. Co-author of  theme entry on strategic communication. Author of key entries on publicity, public relations.

Hallahan, K. (2014). Organizational goals and behavioral objectives in strategic communication. In Derina Holtzhausen & Ansgar Zerfass (Eds.), Handbook of strategic communication (pp. 244-265). New York: Routledge.

Hallahan, K. (2013). Advisory Editor, Encyclopedia of public relations (2nd ed.) Los Angeles: Sage Publications. (22 entries)

Hallahan, K. (2013). Information seeking and information sharing as underlying processes of public relations. Presented to International Communication Association Public Relations Division, London.

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  • JTC 311 History of Media (CSU Online and Summer)

  • JTC 614 Public Communication Campaigns

  • JTC 450 Public Relations Cases

  • JTC 650 Strategic Communications

  • JTC 373 Digital Promotion Management