Professor, Director of Language Programs



Professor, Director of Language Programs. B.A. with honors, English Language and Literature; M.A., Linguistics, University College, Dublin; Ph.D., Social Sciences, University of California, Irvine.

Professor Delahunty teaches courses in phonology, morphology and word formation, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, bilingualism, history of the English language, and Irish literature. He has published on Hiberno-English, pragmatics, syntactic theory, sociolinguistics, and Irish landscapes and archaeology. He is the author of articles, papers, and reviews in such publications as English Journal, Linguistics, Linguistic Analysis, Pragmatics, The Yearbook of Phraseology, and Written Communication. He is the author of The English Language: From Sound to Sense (2010) and Communication, Language and Grammar: A Course for Teachers (1994) (both with J. J. Garvey). His research is primarily concerned with how pragmatic principles interact with linguistic form to determine meaning.