Daniele Tavani, Graduate Coordinator

Contact Information

Phone: 970 491 6657

Email: daniele.tavani@colostate.edu

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/danieletavani

Twitter: danieletavani

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daniele.tavani

Website: http://www.danieletavani.com

Office: C310 Clark

Office Hours: MTWR 2:00-4:00

Role: Faculty

Position: Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator

  • Economic Growth
  • Technological Change
  • Income Distribution
  • Fiscal Policy

Department: Economics


Born and raised in Rome, I moved to the US in 2005. I earned a PhD in Economics from The New School for Social Research (2009), and a Dottorato (PhD) in Economia Politica (2009) from Sapienza University of Rome. My research focuses on: (i) the linkages between economic growth and income distribution, and in particular the interaction between the labor market, income shares and technological change in advanced economies; (ii) the role of the public sector in the growth and distribution path of an economy; (iii) the evolution of income distribution during economic fluctuations.

Together with Harvey Cutler, Martin Shields, and Sammy Zahran, I am an Investigator in the Economics team of a National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) $20 million grant over 5 years instituting a Center of excellence for Risk-based Community Resilience Planning, located at CSU.


PhD, Economics, The New School for Social Research; PhD, Political Economy, Sapienza University of Rome


Curriculum Vitae

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ECON 704- Macroeconomic Analysis II - Syllabus

Second-year graduate course, with a focus on endogenous growth, income distribution and macroeconomics, institutions and economic performance, and modern unemployment theories, treated from a mathematically rigorous standpoint. Strong emphasis on welfare analysis and policy considerations.

ECON 705 – Heterodox Approaches to Economics

First-year grad course focusing on political economy, with an analytical focus. Topics include: growth and distribution in Classical and post-Keynesian frameworks, evolutionary games, coordination failures, institutions.

ECON 304 – Intermediate Macroeconomics - Syllabus

Covers short run fluctuations, medium run adjustments, and long run growth with a strong policy focus.

ECON 404 – Macroeconomic Policy - Syllabus

Covers advanced, contemporary topics in macroeconomic policy with a focus on modeling techniques and data handling. The main goal of the course is to write a research paper about a policymaking event.

ECON606 – Microeconomic Analysis I - Syllabus

First year graduate course in Microeconomic Theory. Covers consumption theory, production theory, expected utility, general equilibrium, and elements of welfare economics.