Danielle Rojas

Special Instructor


  • Office Hours:

    Fall 2015 MWF 10:00-11:00 am
  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Special Instructor
  • Education:

    • Masters
  • Concentration:

    • Spanish


Danielle graduated from CSU in 2011 with her master's degree  in languages, literatures, and cultures with a concentration in Spanish, as well as a master's in English with a concentration in teaching English as a second/foreign language. In the Spring of 2011, Danielle was awarded the College of Liberal Arts "Excellence in Teaching" award for her work as a graduate teaching assistant. Since graduating, she has worked as a Special Instructor teaching intermediate/advanced level Spanish language courses as well as taught various levels of English at  INTO CSU  to the international students who come to pursue an education here at CSU. Danielle hopes to continue sharing her love for teaching language and culture with students and colleagues alike.