Carolina Del Pozo was born in Quito- Ecuador, a little and certainly magical country located in South America. Her passion for social sciences and topics like culture, gender, society, economics, history, encouraged her to studied Political Science and International Relationships.

Communication had an evolution in Carolina, going from fear to passion, considering that at early age she showed to the a very shy and introvert girl. Now she is a woman who imposes on herself every day the urgency to improve and fight for what she wants. She grew out of her fears and wants to be a channel of communication for others.

Willing to share content, generate emotions, and develop a strong media presence, she was admitted into Georgetown University in the program of Digital Marketing. She´s hopping not only to make a name recognized, but also to make people feel something through it. Generate loyalty is one her main goals, and there is no greater loyalty than the one given by empathy. She is working hard to contribute to make this a better world, one where communication is not overwhelming but rather a channel of liberation.

She supplements her passion for media content communication with tangible technical skills because of her interest in having a working knowledge of transmitting messages more efficiently. She believes that before a message is delivered it is of the utmost importance to gather data in order to identify variables that can truly provide relevant information about the audience. She attended to professional certifications in Crisis Management (ECU), Developing Communication Plans (ECU), Successful Political Marketing Campaigns (COLOMBIA), Neuro-marketing (MEXICO), among others.