Report for the Emergency Management High Education Community, authored by CSU Anthropology Professor Kate BrowneKate Browne, cultural anthropologist, has co-authored a new FEMA report intended for the emergency management higher education community titled “Building Cultures of Preparedness.” The 38-page report directly aligns with FEMA’s 2018 strategic plan – which will guide the federal agency through 2022.

The report was published last month and shared with educators across the country, along with emergency managers, communities and municipalities, researchers, students, practitioners, funders and other interested parties. Lead authors of the reports are Browne and Laura Olson of Georgetown University, both of whom are part of the Culture and Disaster Action Network.

This report is not Browne’s only experience with national emergencies. Browne is currently investigating the impacts of Hurricane Harvey on the communities in southeast Texas, studying the factors that influence decision-making when people of different socioeconomic groups face disasters.

Browne was also recently named winner of the prestigious Franz Boas Award for Exemplary Service to Anthropology for her disaster recovery research following Hurricane Katrina. Her groundbreaking work while studying the struggles of a 150-member extended family displaced by the disaster has helped change the narrative about how attention to culture can help improve recovery success.