College of Liberal Arts Development News and Events

2014 College of Liberal Arts Donor Brunch

On November 15, 2014, the College of Liberal Arts hosted its annual Donor Brunch, a celebration of the College’s scholarship donors and student recipients. Each year this event brings together CLA donors, faculty members, and students around a common purpose; the support of student development at Colorado State University. The goal and meaning behind each scholarship in the College of Liberal Arts is varied. There are scholarships such as the Gateway to Graduation Scholarship that are focused on providing financial assistance to students who face financial emergencies, especially if such an emergency may prevent them from graduating. Financial aid from scholarships like the Diversity in Law Scholarship encourages CSU students to pursue meaningful careers after graduation, while performing arts scholarships such as the Charles and Reta Ralph Scholarship provide an opportunity for students to engage in their artistic goals and passions.

The College of Liberal Arts is deeply grateful to the donors that choose to direct their philanthropy to scholarships in the College. With each scholarship that is created the College has the ability to retain exceptional and hard-working students who every day face challenges related to the rising cost of tuition. Scholarships go hand-in-hand with the university’s mission to honor its land grant heritage by unveiling true possibilities for anyone interested in receiving an education. Your scholarship support, whether that is support of an existing scholarship or the creation of a new one, is woven into the mission to keep higher education accessible and valuable.

Please take a moment to watch the video featured at this year’s Donor Brunch, highlighting the ripple effect that scholarships create within the College of Liberal Arts. Pictures from this year’s event can be found here. If you would like a copy of a picture, please contact Development Coordinator Marilyn Bistline at or (970) 491-4030.

New Scholarships in the College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts is celebrating in a State of Gratitude for the donors who have created new awards and scholarships since June 2014.

With over 7,000 CLA majors and minors enrolled in the fall 2014 semester, the College of Liberal Arts has the highest enrollment of any College at Colorado State University. Alongside these numbers come the College’s need to provide meaningful financial aid for students invested in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. In an academic atmosphere that is growing each day, donors have become vital partners in ensuring access for students enrolled in the College of Liberal Arts.

For more information on establishing a scholarship or giving to an existing scholarship in the College of Liberal Arts contact Director of Development Kristi Bohlender at (970) 491-5120 or

  • Amanda Jones Field Study Award
  • Ben W. Garcia Economics Scholarship
  • Bookstaber & Giardina Art Education Scholarship
  • Charlie and Gwen Hatchette Creativity Scholarship
  • CSU Ethical Practices in Journalism Award
  • Esperanza Scholarship
  • Gloria Leyva Dubin Travel Award for Graduate Students of Spanish
  • Karen and Scot Barker Diversity Scholarship
  • Linda Cates Scholarship Democratic Deliberation Scholarship
  • Rams Juris Doctor Scholarship
  • R. Lee Speer Scholarship in Agricultural Ethics
  • Stephen E. Busch Music Education Scholarship

Rams Juris Doctorate Event

Please join us for the annual Rams Juris Doctor Networking Dinner on February 26, 2015 at the University Club Denver.

The Rams Juris Doctor Networking Dinner is an annual celebration of Colorado State University alumni who have a passion for law. Alumni come together over dinner to promote CSU pride while raising funds for the Rams Juris Doctor Scholarship.  The dinner begins with a cocktail hour followed by dinner and a talk with a featured CSU speaker.  Selected by the Rams Juris Doctor Steering Committee, award recipients of the Governor Bill Ritter Public Service Award and the CSU Career Distinction in Law Award are recognized at the event. Interested alumni may purchase tickets for admission and/or sponsor a ticket for a CSU student that is interested in pursuing a career in law.

To register for the event please visit If you are interested in sponsoring a table at the Rams Juris Doctor Networking Dinner, contact Assistant Director of Development Quinha McBride at (970) 491-0227 or