Environmental Humanities

Study the humanities at CSU’s Mountain Campus

Explore the relationship between humans and the natural environment at CSU’s Mountain Campus, home to environmental learning since 1915.

The College of Liberal Arts offers 3 to 9 credits for undergraduate students to study the environmental humanities – through courses in history, philosophy, and art.

Let the mountains be your classroom during Summer Session at CSU’s Mountain Campus – just 90 minutes up the scenic Poudre Canyon.



Course Details

Each class is 3 credits and 2 weeks long. Students can take up to all three courses over the summer at the Mountain Campus. While students are welcome to take individual courses (the courses are great on their own!), taking more than one course is encouraged. Scholarship opportunities for room and board may be available for students enrolled in more than one course.

Any student eligible to register for CSU classes may enroll. Several of these courses count toward the SoGES minor, the Environmental Studies in the Liberal Arts minor, and a range of other requirements. Discuss these possibilities with your ASC or faculty advisor.

I think one of the coolest things about having class out here and learning in this experiential way is that you gain so much supplementary knowledge that you would never get in a classroom. It’s one thing to talk about nature and the environment, but it’s a whole other thing to be fully immersed in it.”

— Tatum Libby, Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts student  

Living at the Mountain Campus

Students bunk in shared cabins, eat together in the dining hall, and do coursework in classrooms on the Mountain Campus property, which include outdoor amphitheaters and hiking trails!

The remoteness of the Mountain Campus provides a unique learning experience. While close enough to Fort Collins to hop back into town on the weekend, the campus has limited internet connectivity (easy emailing, no streaming) and virtually no cell service.

Students find that this remoteness provides an opportunity to develop a sense of community, a space for reflection, and a great opportunity to connect with the beautiful surroundings.

The campus boasts a small recreational center with games of various sorts - billiards, darts, and board games. Students play basketball or volleyball, and of course many take advantage of the amazing natural resources and wilderness areas by hiking, fishing, backpacking, and simply soaking in their surroundings.

Because the campus sits above 9,000 feet of elevation, expect mountain weather conditions, including high winds, rain, hail, and occasionally snow. But, of course, this is Colorado, so sunny days and spectacular views abound.

Students engaging with programming in Envionrmental Humanities as the Mountain Campus

Program Costs and Financial Assistance

Courses are assessed at summer tuition levels and students are responsible for housing costs during their course dates. Housing includes dining services. Room and board rates are determined in late spring each year. In summer 2024, housing costs are expected to run roughly $825 for each two-week course. Some scholarship funding may be available to defray housing costs for those students taking more than one course.

CSU Summer can help students find additional tuition and financial aid information as well as campus jobs and housing (if needed, before and after the courses)

Please contact the Office of Financial Aid for questions about summer course payment.

Next Steps

Summer Registration

To register for the Environmental Humanities Summer Session, please speak with the professor of your selected courses to get approval for each course.

Summer registration begins on RAMweb on March 19, 2024.

Courses have limited space available, so register early. We look forward to seeing you out there!


Contact Ken Shockley, program director