Apply Your Skills

No matter how you navigate your college adventure, the skills, knowledge, and experiences you gather will position you well for a life outside of the university. With critical thinking and problem solving skills, global and cultural awareness, and flexibility and adaptability, you're poised to succeed in any industry.

A Word From Students

[Liberal Arts is] unconventional, outside the box. Yet, at the same time, unbelievably important and very applicable to daily life. I love what I study because it taught me to find happiness in places we aren’t told to look. It taught me to find value in things that we tend to overlook. It has given my life a whole new meaning. I feel fulfilled in ways that I wouldn’t be otherwise.

– Aram Sahakyan, Philosophy major

I love that the courses challenge you to think on your own and become your own person. In many other majors, you are encouraged to follow one path and do everything the way they tell you to. In liberal arts, they challenge you to explore all possibilities, discover your own beliefs and ideas, and to be open to the opinions of those around you. In a democratic society, this concept is very important, and liberal arts is one of the only places where you can gain these skills.

– Brooke R, History major

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You may not have notepads and pens in your backpack anymore; now it's filled with all the skills, experiences, knowledge, and perspectives you've acquired. Use these things to bring you in to your future.

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Start Looking for What's Next

Applying for jobs, graduate school, or service work (like the Peace Corps or Teach for America) starts before you cross the stage for your diploma. Don't panic or stress about what you will do for the rest of your life, but give some time to thinking about what you would like to do immediately following graduation.




Also be sure to thank your family and friends who helped support you along the way.

Congratulations! You've completed your undergraduate education and you're ready for the next step. Take some time to reflect on what you've learned, who you've built relationships with, and the many things you've accomplished during your time here.

Who will you become? It's up to you.

But you can build a meaningful life with any kind of career or path. Check out what some of our former students have done.

A degree in the liberal arts prepares you for life, for leadership, and for success.