Get Involved: Create Community

College is a unique experience where discovery is continuous – both inside the classroom and out. You can get involved in a variety of ways, and make friends, gain experience, and have fun.




Clubs & Organizations

There are many ways to meet friends, learn new things, and have an impact.

The College of Liberal Arts has more than 40 clubs, and the University has even more. Getting involved benefits not only your social life but also your resume. In addition, there are a variety of diversity-focused student orgs.

Cultural Resource Centers offer multiple diversity offices for participation and enrichment of our campus.

Service Learning

We wouldn't be CSU without service; it's part of our mission.

And service comes in many shapes: from raking leaves for an elderly neighbor, to collecting canned goods for Cans Around the Oval, to dedicated spring break trips to learn and help national and international communities.

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Looking for a cultural experience? Head to the Visual Arts building, the Gregory Allicar Museum of Art, or the University Center for the Arts.

With multiple galleries and exhibitions, poetry and fiction readings from students, faculty, and visiting artists, and more than 200 music, theatre, and dance concerts, you'll find a thriving arts scene on campus.



Whether you like volleyball, baseball, football, or intramural sports, CSU has the team for you.

Students receive free tickets to sporting events, and through CSU Rec you can sign up to play intramural sports (there's even a Quidditch team!).


As of Spring 2020, there are 92 student-athletes majoring in the College of Liberal Arts. That's 26% of all student-athletes.

And, if you get inspired by marching bands, the CSU Marching Band will get you pumped up. With more than 200 student players - from all eight colleges on campus - the CSU Marching Band is renowned for its showmanship and musicianship.

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Challenge Yourself

Remember that student org or club you joined? Don't just be part of the team - lead it. Experience leading a group of your peers will set you apart in the job search or on applications for grad school or fellowships. 44% of managers look for "leadership" as a keyword on a resume and are looking for people who are comfortable with taking on additional responsibility. Most everyone will say they are a good team player; challenge yourself to define your role in the team as a leader.

I’m involved in Pre-law Club, Economics Club, CLA Student Ambassador, Volunteer coach for the city of Fort Collins, and Sports Writer for the Collegian. The reason I am involved in these organizations is because they help me better understand topics I cover in class, and they also provide me with the opportunity to meet people with similar academic interests.

– Ethan L, Economics and Political Science

The main organization I am involved in on campus is the CSU Marching Band (flute, sousaphone) and CSU Concert Band (flute). I am involved with the music department because I have had a passion for music my whole life, and I cannot imagine my life without some musical outlet in it. The CSU Marching Band and CSU Concert Band offer that outlet for music without putting too much time demand on my schedule. This provides great stress relief and a creative outlet for me.

– Brooke R, History


Double Major or Minor

Consider adding a second major or minor to your program. You'll diversify your education, build your resume, and connect to your future career goals. Explore interdisciplinary options that let you take classes from multiple departments across campus.



Take yourself out of your comfort zone! Studying abroad will expose you to new cultures, help you hone your language skills, and open your mind to new perspectives and opportunities. You don't have to study - you can enrich your college experience by interning, researching, or volunteering abroad, too! From one week to a full year, there are many opportunities.

"Learning to navigate a life in a country you know very little about was the most valuable experience I took away from the trip. It's so different than a typical college environment like CSU, and you have to learn how to be completely independent." - Rachel S

CLA students participate in education abroad experiences 2-3 times as much as other CSU students. In addition to semesters abroad and experiences like Semester at Sea, students can participate in one of the 20 faculty- and staff-led programs in CLA. Those include programs like: