Syria’s forgotten pluralism and why it matters

Syria’s forgotten pluralism and why it matters today Syrian Christians and Muslims offer prayers for nuns held by rebels, at the Greek Orthodox Mariamiya Church in Damascus, Syria, in 2013. AP Photo Andrea Williams, Colorado State University The Syrian Civil War has been raging for six years. It has killed nearly half a million people […]

Rabbit revelry: An ancient Aztec festival with fermented agave juice

Catherine DiCesare, associate professor in Art and Art History, is working on her second book about Aztec celebrations, this time focusing on the festivals depicted in the Codex Borbonicus, a famous Mexican manuscript about Aztec calendars. She’s especially interested in a particular page of the Codex— one that depicts images of a festival called Quecholli, one of the months of their 365-day solar calendar, as it was carried out in year 1507.

Middle School Outreach Ensemble inspires next generation of teachers and students

The Middle School Outreach Ensemble (MSOE) program is an internationally recognized, community-based music outreach program sponsored by CSU that provides music instruction to local middle school students. The program’s approach to “mutual community” helps to inspire middle school students to love music, expose talented and bright high school students to consider serving the future through a career in music education, and to cultivate teaching excellence in our college students who have chosen to serve their community by becoming a K-12 teacher.

CSU archaeologist featured on CBS Program

By Tony Phifer (Originally posted on The Source) An ancient, previously unknown city. A collection of priceless artifacts. Previously unexplored rain forest, featuring jaguars, deadly snakes and a flesh-eating disease with no cure. CSU archaeologist Chris Fisher has experienced all of these things – and much more – during his four-plus years of work unravelling […]

A Lasting Legacy

As appearing in SOURCE When Irene Vernon was a baby, her mother looked out the kitchen window at her husband and sons working in the field and said to herself that she didn’t want her family to spend the rest of their lives doing that. Her father was a migrant worker, and that story of […]