CSU faculty writing history of the modern U.S. Forest Service

Originally posted in Source by Jeff Dodge Two Colorado State University faculty members have received a four-year, $200,000 grant to write an updated history of the U.S. Forest Service. Michael Childers and Leisl Carr Childers are assistant professors in the Department of History who left the University of Northern Iowa in 2018 to join CSU’s […]

Fiber-rich diet eases son’s asthma, launches professor’s interdisciplinary microbiome research

Originally published in Source by Jeff Dodge Gamze Cavdar’s son, Ada, had suffered from asthma since he was a toddler, and by the time he was 7 years old, his attacks were so bad that he was regularly missing school and being taken to the emergency room. “We literally kept an overnight hospital bag in […]

Dan Tyler: Distinguished Alumnus, Emeritus Professor, and Cowboy

Emeritus Professor of History, Dan Tyler (M.A. ’67), wins the Distinguished Alumni Award for the College of Liberal Arts. His career in teaching started by teaching pilots in the Air Force how to fly, and concluded with 30 years at CSU, specializing in Hispanic language, history, and agriculture, including water development and water law.

2019 – 2020 CLA New Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty

2019 – 2020 CLA New Tenure-Track/Tenured Faculty Department of Anthropology and Geography Andrew Du Andrew Du is a researcher of human evolution. He studies the ecological context and spatial/temporal distribution of ancient human species in the fossil record. He received his PhD from The George Washington University and recently completed his postdoc at The University […]

Husband-and-wife instructors chronicle pregnancy journey through dance, film

Article originally published in Source.    It’s not obvious what the dancer sees in the distance, but there is a glimmer in her eyes as she leaps and twists and twirls. A flutter, a kick, then a new companion joins her, gliding in to meet her stage right. They ebb and flow together, lifting each […]