Strategic Plan

College of Liberal Arts | 2017-2021

The College of Liberal Arts strategic plan is our shared mission until 2021 and was generated from plans submitted by each department, with input from the dean’s office leadership team.

The strategic plan has three pillars that inform the College’s direction and decisions:



CLA will be recognized on campus, locally, and nationally for its rigorous and supportive academic environment that promotes intellectual exploration, self-discovery, and lifelong learning and success.

1.1 We will foster a community of student-centered learning.

  • Engage students as active, confident, and responsible learners.
  • Transform and elevate the role of faculty as teachers, mentors, and lifelong learners.
  • Ensure an effective learning environment.

1.2 We will develop innovative curricula that aligns with student's current and future needs.

  • Create a “forward looking” curriculum designed to prepare students for a rapidly changing world while maintaining a foundation of core discipline specific skills.
  • Communicate the skills cultivated in CLA as essential and transferable.
  • Build more opportunities for interdisciplinary learning.

1.3 We will strengthen opportunity and inclusive excellence. 

  • Demonstrate and communicate the value of a liberal arts education through coordinated recruiting plans.
  • Implement a college plan for diversity and inclusive excellence.
  • Foster an academic community of high expectations and achievement.



CLA will be an exemplary model of how our disciplines drive scholarly excellence in a land-grant university, recognized on campus and nationally for its leadership in research and creative excellence and impact.

2.1 We will enhance research and scholarly capacity and develop new opportunities for creative impact.

  • Promote excellence and impact through enhanced funding for faculty scholarship.
  • Promote and strengthen scholarship of engagement and engaged scholarship.
  • Expand research capacity through strategic faculty hiring and improved facilities.

2.2 We will improve the College’s profile through increased awareness and recognition of our creative research excellence.

  • Improve recognition for distinguished scholarship.
  • Strengthen existing and create new graduate programs in areas of research excellence.
  • Communicate the college's impact through strategic publications, engagement.

2.3 We will empower research and creative collaborations and partnerships. 

  • Develop partnerships within the college and across campus to enhance capacity to address complex issues, problems, and interests.
  • Invest in current programs and/or create new initiatives that develop synergies with CSU research and institutional priorities.



CLA will advance and demonstrate the unique position of the liberal arts in fulfilling the 21st century land-grant mission.

3.1 We will identify, develop, and reward scholarship, curricular opportunities, and individuals whose work addresses local, state, national, and global issues and challenges.

  • Build and strengthen internal and external partnerships through increased capacity for research and learning.
  • Enhance community engagement through curricular innovation and learning opportunities in and outside the classroom, on and off campus.
  • Contribute to intellectual and cultural life on and off campus through CLA leadership.

3.2 We will communicate the importance and values of liberal arts contributions through coordinated and collaborative strategies. 

  • Create and implement a content strategy around the values of and value of the liberal arts at CSU.
  • Create resources and a unified message across college, departments, and units.
  • Measure the college's impact through strategic communications and marketing efforts, engagement.

3.3 We will enhance our engagement with alumni and foster stewardship in support of the CLA mission.

  • Build capacity and develop resources necessary to continue and expand college activities.
  • Complete 2020 campaign fundraising goals connected to College strategic priorities.
  • Partner with alumni in the local, regional, and global community to identify and align assets to address emerging issues, opportunities, and challenges.

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