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CSU students to facilitate ‘Art of Belonging’ discussion

Student associates from CSU’s Center for Public Deliberation will be facilitating the next Community Issues Forum in Fort Collins, titled “The Art of Belonging,” on Wednesday, April 27. The students from the center, which is housed in the Department of Communication Studies in the College of Liberal Arts, will be leading a discussion about topics [...]

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Art professor celebrates 50 years with CSU

By Kelsey Furlong, as appearing in SOURCE Phil Risbeck began teaching at Colorado State in 1965, and his unwavering dedication to the field of graphic arts has caused his thought-provoking posters and visionary teaching to be renowned in the world of fine arts. This year, Risbeck celebrates 50 years of teaching, creation, innovation, and success with [...]

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Presenting the Spring 2016 Liberal Arts Magazine

The CSU College of Liberal Arts is proud to debut our fully online Spring 2016 Liberal Arts Magazine. In this special issue, Dean Ann Gill leaves parting words to the liberal arts family as her June retirement nears. Additional feature stories include the Gill Endowment, special alumni speakers, and the announcement of Dean Gill’s successor, [...]

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