Handmade Success

In March 2021, Maxine Cofino (B.A., ’10) and Desiree Munoz opened The Lemon Girls stand in San Antonio, Texas, offering fresh-squeezed beverages made from a host of locally grown produce. The business was an immediate success, but Cofino’s journey to that cool moment was as colorful as her luscious libations.

Persistence and Confidence: CSU alumna empowers women as the editor-in-chief of Elle magazine

Robbie Myers (’82) epitomizes the power of a liberal arts degree: using the rigor and depth of a specific discipline, with critical communication skills, creativity in problem-solving, and flexibility to navigate the complexities (and, at times, ambiguities) of the professional world.

Back to School: Political science graduate takes on law school four years after CSU

College is a time to discover: discover what captivates you, what intrigues your curiosities, and what ultimately piques your interests. With so many majors available, figuring out the best fit is often the most difficult part for incoming students. For Colorado native Cody Linderholm (’12), the process was no different.

2017 Ann Gill Faculty Development Award Winner focuses research on U.S.-China relations

Why can’t we be friends? “I think that the rise of China is the most important event taking place right now,” explains Dr. Peter Harris, assistant professor in the Department of Political Science and 2017 recipient of the Ann Gill Faculty Development Award. “China becoming an influential power in world politics is going to affect […]

Alumnus Defends Rights of Songwriters

Dennis Lord Executive Vice President of Creative and Business Affairs SESAC Holdings, Inc. Originally published in CSU Magazine. Article by Becky Jensen (’93) Dennis Lord (’84) travels the world, rubs elbows with celebrities, and fights despicable pirates. It’s all in a day’s work for this Renaissance Ram. Lord is executive vice president of creative and business […]

What France and the UK can teach Trump about reviving America’s middle class

By Steven Pressman, Colorado State University America’s middle class is in deep trouble. Signs of its decline are everywhere, from stagnant incomes and falling wealth to soaring household debt and the rise of populist politicians promising a return to the “glory days.” While there is near universal agreement that a thriving middle class is essential to […]