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    Fall 2018: MW 3:20-4:10; Tue 2:00-3:15
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    • Professor
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    • Africa
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    • History
  • Education:

    • PhD University of Minnesota 1993



PhD 1993 University of Minnesota Minneapolis. African History.

MA 1984 University of Oregon Eugene. European Economic History/Imperialism.

MA 1982 University of Northern Iowa. German language and literature.

BA 1980 University of Northern Iowa. History and German.


2015-2016: Fellow, International Research Center, Work and Human Lifecycle in Global History, Humboldt University, Berlin.

2008-present: Professor of African History Colorado State University.

2001-2008: Associate Professor of History Colorado State University.

1997-2001: Assistant Professor of History Colorado State University Ft. Collins CO.

1996: Visiting Fulbright Lecturer University of Zimbabwe. East African History.

1993-1997: Assistant Professor of African History Chicago State University Chicago IL.

1989-1993: Lecturer/Adjunct Professor University of Minnesota. African History.


A history of the cattle industry, cattle diseases, and environmental change in Tanzania and the wider world.





Wielding the Ax: Scientific Forestry and Social Conflict in Tanzania c. 1820-2000 (Athens OH: Ohio University Press 2009). Series in Ecology and History. Finalist for the Herskovits Prize 2010.

Vilimani: Labor Migration and Rural Change in Early Colonial Tanzania 1884-1915 (Portsmouth NH: Heinemann 2002). Social History of Africa Series.

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  • Hist421- Colonial Africa

  • Hist422 – Modern Africa

  • Hist420 – Precolonial Africa

  • Hist423 – South African History

  • Hist424 – East African History