Associate Professor



Sandra Davis is an Associate Professor in the Political Science Department. Her research interests include water and energy politics with a focus on renewable energy and electricity transmission policy. She teaches Introduction of American Government and Politics U.S. Parties and Elections Politics of Organized Interests U.S. Environmental Politics and Policy Politics of Environment and Sustainability and Environmental Politics in the U.S.


  • POLS 361 U.S. Environmental Politics and Policy

    Examination of environmental policy making and implementation in the U.S, including the role of public opinion, interest groups and national and state institutions. Course also covers federal environmental policies as well as a variety of normative approaches to environmental issues.

  • POLS302 U.S. Parties and Elections

    Course covers the role of individual citizens and parties in American elections. Issues such as low voter turnout and ability of elections to provide citizens with representation are examined. Finally, campaigns and election laws are discussed, including their effect on the ability of elected officials to govern.

  • POLS709 Environmental Politics in the U.S.

    This seminar introduces graduate students to the analysis of U.S. environmental politics and policy and provides a venue for the development of original research papers on domestic environmental politics and policy.