Senior ASL Instructor


  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Senior ASL Instructor
  • Concentration:

    • American Sign Language
  • Department:

    • Languages, Literatures and Culture


Deanne has a M.Ed in Adult Education and teaches American Sign Language as a Special Instructor, with a passion to share ASL and Deaf Culture in her community. Her trademark is extreme energy and humor in class! Deanne has taught in schools for the Deaf in Southwest USA, Mexico and Jamaica.  Thanks to the support from her languages colleagues and Department Chair, Deanne has developed both 2nd year & both 3rd year ASL courses as well as the Interdisciplinary ASL Minor at CSU. With a talented daughter in Middle School, Deanne is also active; networking in the local ASL community, teaching Educational Interpreters and fostering dogs who need a forever home.

Classes taught:

LSGN 100 & 101 (1st year ASL)

LSGN 200 & 201 (2nd year ASL)

LSGN 304  Deafness and American Sign Language: Exploration of Deaf culture in the United States, how it has evolved historically, compared to Deaf communities abroad and to the experiences of other marginalized communities in the US. Current public policy debates affecting the Deaf community.

LSGN 347 American Sign Language for Professionals: American Sign Language vocabulary and knowledge used in human services professions and language teaching. Especially useful for future medical and emergency professionals, educators, and business personnel.

Recipient of Distinction in Curricular Innovation Award 2019