Scholarship Advice

Create a strong application by following these tips.

What you need to know

  • To be eligible for any scholarship listed on the university's online scholarship platform, AcademicWorks, you must meet all criteria at the time of application.
  • Complete your CSU Scholarship Application ASAP.
  • You have until March 1 @ 11 p.m. to make ANY updates you wish to your application. So if you want to re-write a section -- GO FOR IT!
  • Once you complete the CSU Scholarship Application online at AcademicWorks, your application will automatically be applied to scholarships that match your eligibility.
  • AcademicWorks will generate a list of other scholarships you are eligible to apply-to, which means there is additional information you have to complete, such as answering key questions, detailing your professional or academic interests, or uploading an essay. Do not pass up these "apply-to" scholarships as they are often far less competitive than "auto-match" scholarships.
  • Be sure to look through all Dean's Office scholarships. Many of these are open to majors in ANY department.
  • If financial need is a consideration, be sure to include narrative detail in your application so that scholarship reviewers have more than just imported FAFSA data to rely on for evaluating your need.

If You Are a Journalism and Media Communication Major