How the process works and what you should do after.


Because of the generous support of private donors and your accomplishments, you have been selected to receive a scholarship award from the College Liberal Arts or one of its departments.

It is always a pleasure to reward and recognize excellence in academic endeavors. Many outstanding students applied for scholarships, so fantastic job, recipient! We are incredibly proud of you.

The Importance of Thanking Your Donor

The College is fortunate to have many private donors who contribute generously to scholarships for our outstanding students.

Scholarships are funded by real people often in memory or in honor of a loved one or favorite professor. Therefore, it is very important to thank those who made your scholarship possible. Beyond the simple courtesy of this act, thank you letters often inspire increased scholarship funds from donors, which further benefits students like you.

The College of Liberal Arts requires that each scholarship recipient  write a thank you letter we can proudly send to your scholarship donor(s) prior to releasing your scholarship funds to your student account.

Check back in early spring for thank you letter instructions, which will also be emailed to students who receive scholarships.

Students, please check the email account attached to your RamWeb profile for these announcements.