Director of Development


  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Director of Development
  • Department:

    • CLA Dean's Office and Development
  • Education:

    • MFA, London International School of the Performing Arts
    • MBA, Colorado State University


Tonya Malik-Carson joined the Division of Advancement at Colorado State University in 2011, and the College of Liberal Arts in June of 2014. She holds an MFA in LeCoq based physical theater from the London International School of the Performing Arts, an MBA from Colorado State University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Naropa University. Professionally, she spent a decade in marketing and public relations in the non-profit arts sector prior to coming to CSU. Artistically, she is a divisor of new work, a lover of ensemble collaboration, a musician, and as such has been a part of numerous collaborative, original works as a writer, director and performer, including: Priscilla: A Rock and Roll Ride Through Teenage Hell and Nighty Knight, Manny Panny with The Octopus League; and Rollerskating With My Cousin and Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep with The LIDA Project, where she is an Artistic Company Member. She has taught children's workshops at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, and often advises on collaborative projects as a director and teacher of physical storytelling methods. Her lifelong love for the performing arts has grown into a passion for the continued presence of the arts and humanities in our world and she is thrilled to have the opportunity to bring her experience as an artist and a senior professional in the non-profit arts sector to the College of Liberal Arts.