Graduate Teaching Assistant
M.A. Student


  • Role:

    Graduate Student
  • Position:

    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
      M.A. Student
  • Department:

    • Communication Studies
  • Education:

    • B.A., Drake University


I was born, raised, and raised some more in and around Des Moines, Iowa. Moving here to Fort Collins is the first time I will be living outside of Polk County, Iowa, and I couldn't be more excited. I am not entirely sure how I first got into Rhetoric and Communication Studies, but I can tell now that I'm probably not getting out of it. I graduated from Drake University with a BA in Rhetoric and Communication Studies back in 2014. Although for the first 18 years of my life I lived in a spread out rural area, I have become very interested in neighborhoods and how they are interwoven by insiders and outsiders, police and the neighborhood watch, notions of safety and danger, fences and parks, and a variety of other forces I hope to be able to articulate more easily in two years time. In less strictly academic veins, I am also interested in consuming soccer/football, coffee, gazing out of windows, and having meaningful relationships with people.