Instructor, Doctoral Candidate



Following careers in journalism, marketing, and public relations, Stephen McConnell joined Colorado State University in 2017 to study Public Communication and Technology as part of his Ph.D. pursuit. Stephen worked for daily and community newspapers in Pennsylvania and Alabama, including the Scranton Times-Tribune. This culminated in high-profile investigative and enterprise reporting.

In 2013, Stephen launched Guiding Type, a marketing and professional writing company. He was also the director of marketing for Conundrum Press, a literary publisher. In 2016, he earned an M.S. in professional writing from New York University, following a B.S. in English from Radford University in 2005.

His research interests include exploring how new communicative technologies are reshaping our culture, knowledge, perceptions, and information systems; propaganda (examining elite mainstream media propaganda and fake news); and algorithms, particularly personalization of news/information, and their effect on individual and collective cognition.