Instructor / Ph.D. Candidate



Sharmini is a Ph.D. candidate who graduated from the University of London with a bachelor’s degree in Law in 1997 and subsequently passed the Malaysian Bar exams in 1998. She completed her Master’s in Law from the University of Malaya, Malaysia with a concentration in Human Rights and Constitutional Law in 2002. She has taught various English and Australian Law courses since 1999. Since 2017, she has taught various political science courses at CSU. Currently, she is researching the continuing impact of colonial discourses on the agency of labor in India and South Africa in resisting Western environmental agendas at the International Labour Organization. Her interest lies in expanding the use of postcolonial theories such as Said’s Orientalism, Homi Bhabha’s mimicry, and Spivak’s subalternity in understanding green neocolonial intervention in developing states and the types of relationships formed between labor and the state through historical processes.