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    Tuesday 9:30 AM - 10:30 AM / Thursday 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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    • Chinese Instructor
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    • Chinese
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    • Languages, Literatures and Culture
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    • M.A.
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-15 years experience traveling through China & studying Chinese language and culture

-5+ years working and studying in various cities in China (Qinhuangdao, Beijing, Shanghai)

-Attended Peking University, Beijing

-Graduate studies at Fudan University, Shanghai

-Began and developed Carmel Catholic High School's Honors Mandarin program

-Studied Chinese language and researched Chinese politics with Harvard University in Beijing

-Taught all sections of Chinese at Lake Forest College & the College of Lake County

-Taught East Asian Civilizations at the College of Lake County


(2015) translations

(2013) Shangri-La and the Yellow Peril: Opposing Chinese Archetypes in English Literature. 《香格里拉与黄祸:英国文学中两种相反的中国原型意象》Fudan University Press.

(2011) 《我的秘密法宝》Peking University Press.

(2008-2011) "The Qinhuangdao Lantern Festival", "The Philosophy of the Good Traveler", "On This Fourth Thursday of November", "Olympic Sized Changes", "Ode to the Great Wall at Simatai", "Mind Your Tones, Mister", "Made in China", "Learning Chinese Builds Character", "In China No News is Good News", "Chinese Pronunciation: I Was Born on a Pirate Ship", "How Old is China?", "Guanxi", "Growing Young", "Chinese College Life", "Three Days of National Mourning Ends in China", "Western Media Bias", "U.S. 'Experiment' to be Watched Closely in China", "The Great Feast of Languages", "The China Brand", "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Student". Lake County Journals.



  • LCHI200 Second-Year Chinese I

    LCHI200 is a student-centered, activities-driven class that verges on immersion. We will meet daily and conduct class mostly in Chinese. The goal of this class is to integrate the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. By semester end students will be able to: 1) read and understand simple texts, 2) understand detailed grammatical patterns / conversations on familiar topics / comprehend a greater amount of relevant cultural information, 3) discuss course readings, facts, personal experience and opinions. Students will also give a presentation and do weekly one-on-one oral practice with a language partner. The homework assignments will be all written in Chinese.