Paige Odegard is an international student from Canada where she spent her childhood and high school years before moving to Texas. She achieved her B.A. in English with a minor in Professional Writing and Rhetoric from Sam Houston State University. Her undergraduate career included working as a writing center tutor and engaging in research pertaining to visual rhetoric and communication.

Paige applied her research interests to cartography, in which she studied maps as rhetorical representations of culture. She also applied similar research to an analysis of English composition pedagogy, wherein she completed her undergraduate thesis: Filling the Generational Gaps: Building Student Confidence in Writing through Visual Rhetoric Intervention in the Composition Classroom.

With a desire to pursue a PhD, Paige is now completing her M.S. in Public Communication and Technology at CSU, while enjoying her part-time graduate teaching assistantship. Her passion for the evolution of cartosemiotics and its influence on society’s spatial cognition inspires her current research question.