Instructor and Advisor



Natalie Barnes is the Key Academic Advisor and an Instructor holding a Senior Teaching Appointment in the Department of Art & Art History. She earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees at Boise State University and has been teaching at the university level for more than 20 years. In addition to her studio practice her professional academic interest focuses on writing-integration. Ms. Barnes is active in faculty governance, currently serving on the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) Adjunct Faculty Committee and represents the CLA on the University Committee on Non-Tenure Track Faculty. She has received the Jack E. Cermack Advising Award, is a writing fellow for The Institute of Learning and Teaching, has been awarded a course-redesign grant for ART100, is a director for the newly formed Center for the Study of Academic Labor (CSAL) at CSU and has been selected to serve on the editorial board for Academic Labor: Research and Artistry.


  • ART100 Introduction to the Visual Arts

    Core Curriculum – Exploration of the of development of visual arts. Intended learning outcomes:
    Compare and contrast aesthetic concepts, articulate historic changes, trace artistic influences in contemporary art, and develop an understanding of why art is created.
    Understand and articulate: fundamental visual concepts; significant visual advances in the field; multiple aesthetic value systems; contributions of significant artists; commonalities with related disciplines such as music or literature; and primary methods of expression.