Assistant to the Chair and Graduate Admin.



I earned a BA in business from CSU-Global. I have 20+ years of business experience as a business owner and also within the corporate environment. I was the graduate coordinator with the Department of Physics for more than 4 years. I am excited with the opportunity to support the Chair and the entire Department of Economics.

A believer in contributing to our community, I was a Larimer County Sheriff’s Department victims advocates’ volunteer for several years. This volunteer experience provided me with the opportunity to leverage my compassion for people and community. I am currently a member of the State Classified Personnel Council (CPC), CPC Recognition Committee member and chair of the CPC Communications Committee.

Originally from San Antonio, TX, I fell in love with colorful CO and it’s been my home for 2 decades. My passion for CO is enhanced since I enjoy hiking, snowmobiling, 4 wheeling and camping.