PhD Student



Hello, my name is Kenese Io.  My undergraduate studies focused on Philosophy and Economics.  I obtained my master's in economics from Colorado State University.  My research areas focus on different levels of education.  I look at the opt-out movement and the role in which demographic factors affect participation rates in New York and Colorado.  I extend the educational research focus to the collegiate level as well and identify the returns of support services to student-athletes at Colorado State.

I have a passion for teaching as well.  I enjoy introducing new students the discipline of economics through our principle's courses and engaging with the unique questions that arise from inspired students.  I also enjoy teaching our upper-level courses in which we can engage in critical discussions on topics that our discipline is uniquely positioned to address.


  • ECON 101 Economics of Social Issues


    This course is designed as an introduction to both so-called mainstream and heterodox economic thinking, and how these theories can shed light on some of today’s most pressing issues. Topics covered will include economic growth and stability, inequality, migration, international trade, and the economics of social policy issues such as health care. The goal of this class is not to convince you that one side is right, but rather to give you the tools to critically analyze arguments related to contentious economic policy questions.

  • ECON 204 Principles of Macroeconomics


    This course provides a critical introduction to the study of macroeconomics. Students will learn the tools and concepts necessary to study economic problems as it pertains to the economy in the aggregate; including economic fluctuations, unemployment, inflation, growth, and monetary and fiscal policies. The course will also introduce students to handling and interpreting basic macroeconomic data.

  • ECON 372 History of Economic Institutions and Thought

  • ECON 211 Gender in the Economy