Graduate Teaching Assistant, M.A. Student


  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Graduate Teaching Assistant, M.A. Student
  • Department:

    • Communication Studies
  • Education:

    • B.A. in Organizational Communication - California State University Channel Islands
    • A.A. Communication - Moorpark Community College


A colorful blend of Mexican, Irish, and English descent, I am a Southern California native born into a home where the door is always open to any person or animal that needs a home. My areas of interest fall within the Relational/Organizational emphasis. I conduct research at the intersection of religion and the LGBTQ community. What drew me to CSU was the Communication Department faculty and their research foci, and the Department's profound emphasis placed on pedagogy, teaching opportunities, and studying and researching across areas of interest. In my free time you can find me exchanging in deep conversations with strangers, indulging in extreme board sports and/or high-intensity fitness, writing poetry on my vintage typewriter, critically vetting restaurants' happy hours to find the latest and greatest, playing an instrument, or experimenting with healthy recipes in the kitchen.


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Publication Acknowledgements:

Dorrance Hall, E., Kenny Feister, M., & Tikkanen, S. (2018). A mixed-method analysis of the role of online communication attitudes in the relationship between self-monitoring and emerging adult text intensity. Computers in Human Behavior, 89, 269-278.