Jennifer Fish Kashay

Associate Professor



  • Hist 150: US History to 1876


    This course is a survey of United States history from the beginning of the Columbian exchange through the start of Reconstruction. This class will focus on aspects of early American and U.S. political, economic, religious, diplomatic, cultural, ethnic, and social history. It is impossible to learn everything about early American history in one semester. However, you will learn about the important people, institutions, and events that shaped early American and U.S. history.

  • Hist 344: The Age of Jackson


    From 1815 to 1850, Americans faced great change and uncertainty. During this time, Americans experienced the industrial, market, and transportation revolutions; westward expansion, the spread of slavery, and the conflicts that came with them; and various reform movements that questioned the status quo with regard to race, gender, religion, and class. Moreover, during this era, Americans saw the development of political parties and new concepts of political and civic life. This course will take a three-pronged approached to this period in American history. First, it will lay the foundations for understanding the age of Jackson by focusing on more traditional topics of history, including the ideological foundations of the era, and its political and economic development. After this, the course will cover topics in social history, including the experiences of women, ethnic minorities, and everyday people. Finally, this class will consider how class, gender, ethnicity, region, and religion impacted the development of individuals and the country as a whole.