Graduate Teaching Assistant, Ph.D. Student


  • Role:

  • Position:

    • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Ph.D. Student
  • Department:

    • Communication Studies
  • Education:

    • M.A., California State University - Fresno, Communication
    • B.A., California State University - Fresno, Communication


Salutations! I was born and raised in Fresno California, where I received my B.A. and M.A. in communication from The California State University. Fresno is a place constantly in an identity crisis. It doesn’t know if it is a big town or a little city, metropolitan or agrarian, conservative or liberal. In fact, it is all of those things and more. That a community so wonderfully diverse raised me says a lot about the person I try to be today. I’m excited for the opportunity to pursue my Ph.D. at CSU in a department known for its rigor in the classroom, prolific activity in the discipline, and intradepartmental support. My research has focused on the many ways music functions as serious rhetoric. To culminate my Master’s studies, I designed a course titled “How Music Moves Us: The Musical Rhetoric of Social Movements."  I enjoy conducting rhetorical criticism from a feminist perspective (the definition of which I’d love to complicate with anyone over a much-needed cup of coffee!) When not on campus (hahaha) I enjoy spending time with my spouse and my two overgrown puppies, Maggy and Boo. I also like to spend time making a mess around the kitchen and naming the plants in my garden. So from myself Nik, Maggy, Boo, Spike, Bao, and Spongebob, thanks for stopping by and have a spectacular day!