Recruitment Coordinator



As a career admissions professional, what I enjoy most is helping students and families feel confident navigating the complex college search process. As Recruitment Coordinator I am here to provide support and assist prospective undergraduate students and families, including transfer students, in making connections with our departments and programs, scheduling a visit, or understanding next steps. I also lead our College of Liberal Arts Student Ambassador Team; they're awesome! Ambassadors are valued resources who can provide additional information about programs and departments, bring to life what it's like to be a CLA and CSU student, provide tours to visiting students and families upon request, and more!

If you are interested in our degree programs, looking for more information, ready to take your next step or just wanting to connect with our college, contact me anytime by email ( or by phone at 970-491-1194 (office) or 970-821-5276 (cell, text friendly).

A little more about work and dedication to serving students professionally began in 2004. As the graduate of a small liberal arts college in the Midwest, I experienced firsthand the transformative power of a liberal arts education and the impact of choosing a college community dedicated to student success.  Immediately upon graduating, I served as a graduate assistant for a women's basketball program, taught and coached basketball at the high school level in Arizona, and then made my way back to the college level at my Alma Mater, Cornell College (IA), before finding my home in college admissions in 2008. Immediately prior to serving in this role, I oversaw campus visits for four years as a Senior Assistant Director in the CSU Office of Admissions. After a few years here, I can genuinely say Fort Collins is the best place I've ever lived, and I believe strongly in all that Colorado State University and our college have to offer. I look forward to telling you more and learning about you, too!

Students interested in graduate and Ph.D. programs should contact the department directly for information. 


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