Graduate Teaching Assistant M.A. Student



My name is Ben Pettis. I am currently studying Communication Studies at Colorado State University, with a specific focus on Media and Visual culture. I come from Denver originally, and grew up in and around Arvada. I took a brief hiatus from living in this beautiful state to attend the University of Oregon where I earned concurrent degrees in Cinema Studies and Media Studies. I have been incredibly fortunate to work with countless smart and passionate individuals who have exposed me to ideas and issues around TV and Internet streaming, corporate consolidation of the media, and free speech and content regulations.

I examine the ways that we consume, produce, and interact with media in all aspects of life. With constantly increasing levels of media saturation, the things we read, watch, and listen to are more important than ever to study. My specific areas of interest include online communication, Internet communities, and memes. With constant headlines about fake news, data collection, and targeted advertising, these new and developing forms of communication have increasingly become a part of the public sphere and I believe in the importance of a critical examination these issues.