Graduate Teaching Assistant
M.A. Student


  • Role:

    Graduate Student
  • Position:

    • Graduate Teaching Assistant
      M.A. Student
  • Department:

    • Communication Studies
  • Education:

    • B.A., Univ. of Nevada, Reno


I was born and raised in Reno, Nevada and completed all of my undergraduate work there. I never thought I would miss my hometown, but that peculiar, casino-filled truck stop of a city has wiggled its way into my heart. Grey is my favorite color and I have been obsessed with dolphins since I can remember. Traveling is hobby of mine. I have had the opportunity to explore 10 amazing countries so far. I love working with children and have worked at the same summer camp almost every year since I was 13 years old. I am a big reader and a pro when it comes to binge watching documentaries and movies from all genres. I am still impatiently awaiting my acceptance letter to Hogwarts (it is never too late!), but CSU will do just fine in the meantime! I am happy to call Colorado my new home and am excited for all of the new adventures to come.