Andrew Bliss

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Phone: (970) 491-3598


Office: Clark B225

Role: Faculty

Position: Assistant Professor

  • Geography

Department: Anthropology



Projecting future glacier mass balance on regional and global scales; global sea level rise; effects of glacier changes on local hydrology; present state of glaciers on the Antarctic periphery; glaciology; climatology; hydrology; geomorphology

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Ph.D. in Geography, University of California, Berkeley, California, 2011  
M.S. in Geography, University of California, Berkeley, California, 2004  
B.S. in Geophysical Sciences, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, 2001


Pfeffer, W.T., A. Arendt, A. Bliss, T. Bolch, G. Cogley, A. Gardner, J.-O. Hagen, R. Hock, G. Kaser, C. Kienholz, E. Miles, G. Moholdt, N. Mölg, F. Paul, V. Radić, P. Rastner, B. Raup, J. Rich, and M. Sharp (2014) The Randolph Glacier Inventory: a globally complete inventory of glaciers. Journal of Glaciology 60(221):537-552.


Bliss, A., R. Hock, and V. Radić (2014) Global response of glacier runoff to twenty-first century climate change. Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface 119:717-730.


Radić, V., A. Bliss, A.C. Beedlow, R. Hock, E. Miles, and J. Graham Cogley (2013) Regional and global projections of twenty-first century glacier mass changes in response to climate scenarios from global climate models. Climate Dynamics 42:1-22.


Bliss, A., R. Hock, and J. Graham Cogley (2013) A new inventory of mountain glaciers and ice caps for the Antarctic periphery. Annals of Glaciology 54(63):191-199.

Curriculum Vitae

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GR100, Introduction to Geography

GR315, Quantitative Geographical Methods

GR350, Geography of Colorado

GR410, Climate Change: Science, Policy, Implications

GR444, Glaciology