SPRING 2020 Message from the Dean

Greetings and well wishes from the College of Liberal Arts

Like spring weather in Colorado, our worlds change quickly these days, and I want to let you know that our faculty, our staff, and our students have shown great resilience, courage, and persistence in this time of great stress and change. Their kindness, patience, and goodwill during these extraordinary times makes real our saying, Rams take care of Rams.

Benjamin Withers, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Colorado State University

With tremendous intellectual and emotional labor, faculty and staff have quickly turned nearly all we do to online and remote access. Students and faculty have learned multiple new platforms and have been adjusting to life away from what they’ve known. Our community are responding to their needs and to the needs of our campus with grace, dedication, and commitment that astounds.

While these requests come at considerable personal demand, at the heart of our efforts resides our fundamental mission of advancing the human experience, through the production and dissemination of knowledge and creative artistry to benefit future generations. This is what attracted us to our disciplines in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, and this is what will maintain us going forward: a commitment to the well-being of the human community.

Thank you for your support for CSU, then, now, and in the future. Because of you, we can continue to provide a world-class education to our students in new and innovative ways. Your support gives students the ground they need to continue forward in uncertain times. Your investment shows them that their education matters and teaches them that this is the time to stay the course, to work hard, to learn, to remain present in the experience. You can learn more about how faculty and students are rising to this challenge in the stories below.

During these upcoming times, take time to take care of yourself. You can stay connected with Liberal Arts and the campus community via our many social media platforms (links below) and continue to read the stories of our faculty and students by following our Source page.

Just as change is a constant in our world, so is the creativity, innovation, and human-centeredness of the liberal arts. Where creativity and innovation intersect, we find hope; hope leads to the renewal that the future will inevitably bring.

Benjamin C Withers, Dean, College of Liberal Arts

Ben Withers, Dean

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