College of Liberal Arts NTTF Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2022

Present were: Aaunterria Bollinger-Deters, ETST (Non-Faculty Teaching Representative); Gina Robinson, ILA; Debbie Swann, MTD; Annie Krieg, AAH – Chair; Jonathan Carlyon, LLC (Chairs Representative); Ashlee Allen, PLACE – Secretary; Tom Conway, CoNTFF Rep; Jamie Switzer, TTF Rep ; Luciana Marques, English; Amanda Wright, CMST; Frankie Wilcox, LLC – Chair; Dani Castillo, JMC – Communication Officer; Eli Alberts, HIST – Secretary; Sadie Kinney-McGrath, Dean’s Office; Ellie Light, Dean’s Office


  1. Get to know one another
  2. Elect Officers
  3. Understand the role and purpose of the committee


Item Type of Action Decision Required
A. Introductions and Overview of Committee Organization and Purpose Culture-building no
B. Dean Withers: Committee Charge

  1. Communication
  2. Mentorship
  3. Service
Info Sharing no
C. CCAF Numbers and Overview of Resources

  1. Powerpoint on MOO
  2. Overview of new website
  3. Current numbers – 89% CCAF teach AUCC sections
  4. 50% of all faculty are CCAF
Info Sharing no
D. Action Items:

Election of Officers:

  1. Annie Krieg, AAH – co- Chair
  2. Ashlee Allen, PLACE – Co-Secretary
  3. Frankie Wilcox, LLC – co- Chair;
  4. Dani Castillo, JMC – Communication Officer
  5. Eli Alberts, HIST – Co-Secretary
Discussion/voting yes
Action Items Continued:

Tom Conway (CoNTTF Rep): Report on Salary Compression

Needs a coalition to meet with Interim Provost Nerger to talk about compression. Dean is supportive and things it will be successful.

Info sharing/discussion yes
E. Member’s Privilege

    1. Move to Professorial track should be clearer
    2. Clarity around service
    3. Move to TT possibilities
Discussion no
F. Wrap up Meeting & Adjourn n/a n/a