Message from the Dean

Benjamin Withers, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, Colorado State

Welcome to the College of Liberal Arts at Colorado State University!

As a fundamental part of CSU’s land-grant mission, we in the college are committed to fostering the transformational power of the liberal arts to create a more humane, livable, and sustainable world.

As a new member of the Ram family, I have dedicated my first few months as dean to one very important practice: listening. I have met and listened at length to our students, our faculty, our alumni, and our friends. As a result, I have developed a deep respect for this college’s commitment to our college motto, “live your passion.”

Our passion for the liberal arts derives from a core belief of the value of pursuing the beautiful and the importance of achieving goals through hard work and persistence. Through these pursuits our students learn fundamental skills in interpretation, communication, and self-reflection that make us better human beings and as a result better partners and co-workers.

In a world that is increasingly driven by division and conflict, the liberal arts enables—or better yet, requires—that we consider cultural, social, and historical context and integrate different worldviews as we seek to understand what drives the passions that we pursue.

Please join me and engage with us through your own exploration of the college. Whether you are interested in exploring the art, literature, or beliefs of the past or discovering how to leverage the skills you learn to address current pressing issues, you will find a rich field of opportunity in the college.

Our website contains stories of faculty recognized for their excellence in teaching and research, reflected most recently by the recognition of our Public Lands History Center and Center for Literary Publishing as two of CSU’s Programs of Research and Scholarly Excellence. Engage with our social media sites to find inspirational stories of student and alumni achievement. Attend a performance or walk through the galleries of our truly remarkable University Center for the Arts, one of the top ten centers in the western U.S. The UCA, made possible by our generous supporters and friends, reflects the powerful partnerships the college has formed to support our programs and our people.

We look forward to the contributions you’ll make as part of our community of scholars. Thanks again for your interest in our college…and GO RAMS!

Ben Withers, Dean